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Junker Surfboard 5

$1000.00 Sold Out

• Custom painted surfboard by Los Angeles artist Eric Junker.
• One of a kind, hand painted.
• Ride it or display it.
• Board by Sea of Green Surfboards
•  Board specs: 7'6" long x 22" wide x 3" thick x 52.75 liter.

If you live in Los Angeles, don't pay shipping. Click here and Email Me, and we can arrange for pick-up or delivery.

This is the board I ride!
Besides being a gorgeous piece of art to collect and display, this Sea of Green "Huevo Mixto" is a blend of all my favorite egg designs. This board has low rocker, wide point pulled forward for paddling and trim-ability and has a wide tail for skate-ability and early wave entry. It has a traditional outline with a modern rail. Not only is it great for longboarders looking for something with more maneuverability, it’s equally as great for short boarders looking to surf a wider variety of waves. This board rips turns, hauls ass, is easy to ride and will make all your friends jealous.

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