We're a small shop, and we're taking a boot-strap approach to this! Please allow 8-10 days to receive your shirts. Thanks for your patience! 

Part 1:

I created the Resist Hate posters in anticipation of the Los Angeles Women's March on January 21st 2017. I had planned on making a few for friends, and a few to decorate an epic pre-march ACLU benefit party being organized by my friends MichaelSteph, and Whitney.

An Instagram post a few days before the event was followed by an unexpected flood of requests for the posters.

Part 2:

So, I offered them in exchange for donations to the ACLU, and the rest of the week was spent frantically screen-printing to keep up with demand (thank you Georgia). We couldn't manage the stream of people coming to our house, so I left a stack at  SIlverlake Wine next to a jar with a sign that read, "Leave a Donation to the ACLU. Take a Poster." In 2 days the posters were gone, and the jar held $1126.

Many more posters were taken from the ACLU fundraiser, and on January 21st, the "Resist Hate" poster community was out in force at the march. The poster has since appeared in photos online in The New York Times and Los Angeles Magazine.

The Shirts:

The night before the march, we also printed a few shirts, which led to demand for more shirts... so here we go! Brought to you with a lot of help from my friend Garrett. The shirts are 100% cotton. Very soft and nice! Size chart  and more ordering information for the tees can be found here.


I'm Eric Junker. Please feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments: [email protected]

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